Life in Nepal

Here is a quick update on our life in Nepal!

In case you missed it, we are having another baby! Our little guy will be joining the team sometime close to Christmas. We are excited and trying to prepare ourselves for the changes of a bigger family. 


We also wrote an article for our local paper in Pueblo, CO over the summer. If you missed that, here is a link:


There's not much new happening with the business yet. We have been working on getting the last bit of the official registration completed as well as some accounting/auditing work for the last fiscal year which ended in July.  We painted the walls in the workshop (special thanks to Aunt Bobbie and Uncle Rod!), I am almost done building the kiln, I picked up another potter's wheel today, and spent most of the day in Thimi, the village where most of the Nepali potters are from, getting supplies and spending time with some of my connections from the area. 

Please continue to pray for provision as we run with the vision He's given us. As we continue working with the poor at Banquet House I am constantly reminded of the urgent needs of these people and more and more excited for the opportunities that this business will provide!

Here is the Workshop!

Here is the Workshop!

With Odella's help...the kiln will soon be ready for its first fire!

Thimi, Nepal


We recently had a short term team come from the Iris Harvest School in Mozambique. We helped to lead their outreach while our leaders were out of the country. Of the many testimonies I could share, here is one of my favorites:

 When we have a team come to serve with us, we do our best to help facilitate their trip while encouraging them to pray and get their own leading and direction from God. So at the beginning of their trip we spent a morning praying and asking God for words and pictures to direct their time here. One of the guys from the team, who has never been to Nepal, heard God say to go to a place called Kalipur. Another member of the team felt there was another village we were meant to go to starting with an "S" and ending with an "A". None of us had heard of a Kalipur but after some research we found a small place in the south near a village we had gone to before. The pastors in that village were able to connect us with some pastors nearby Kalipur. When we arrived, the pastor told me that many people in this region have never even heard the name of Jesus and that all the churches in that district have come together to work to bring the gospel to their whole region. Just as in Luke 10, he said that the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. They had been praying for laborers to come to share the gospel in this region and even more specifically, in Kalipur! We spent a day in Kalipur, sharing the goodness of Jesus with many and praying for the sick. The following day we went to a village by their church named Sakuwa (S.....A)! God was clearly moving and drawing many people to Himself throughout our time near Kalipur. I was especially encouraged by the faith, unity, and boldness of the pastors in the area. 

Thank you for all of your prayers and support. We still have a long way to go with getting the business up and running. Click here to find out how to financially support what we're doing in Nepal.

I wish I could share all the amazing stories of God's goodness with you, but for now, here are a few photos from the last few weeks. Enjoy!

One very small section of Kathmandu.

One very small section of Kathmandu.