Encounter Space - Pottery and Freedom

Just as the clay is transformed into something new, our hope is that lives will be transformed as well! 

Over the last year, a vision has been growing in our hearts... 

The Banquet House is our ministry to the poor and homeless in Kathmandu. Many of the people who come live in extreme poverty, sleep on the streets, and fight various addictions. It has been amazing to serve them and we are always learning more from them about Christ's amazing love. We have seen God do some amazing things in their lives but we are believing for even more breakthrough and lasting freedom.

So, in an effort to be a greater blessing to them and to provide more avenues for the Holy Spirit to touch their lives, we plan to start a creativity workspace. I have already got my first potters wheel made a few weeks ago and am working on designing and building a kiln (that will run on waste cooking oil!). I am excited and feel like God is leading in this and believe that through engaging creatively with people at the Banquet House, God is going to bring more freedom to their lives. It will also provide time to connect in new and deeper ways with these people that I know Jesus loves deeply. 

We are at the beginning of this and feel that there is a lot of potential, and many different directions we could go with it (vocational training, business, etc). We want and need people to partner with us in this vision. There are a lot of challenges in Nepal (electricity is only on part of the day, water shortages, lack of supplies) that make this project much more difficult than it would be in the West. Please pray for wisdom and favor for us as we research and try different things to get equipment up and running. We also need financial support as many of these things are quite expensive. Below is a rough estimate for some of the upfront costs:

Pottery Wheels (I am hoping to get a few more)..............$200 each



      (clay, glaze, tools, tables, shelves, etc.)

Banquet House building expansion......$3,000

Monthly Rent...........up to $250/month

If you would like to partner with us financially in this vision, click here and follow the instructions. If you would like to give towards a specific item email us once you have given with the details of where you would like the money to go. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this and take part in our lives here in Nepal. We're excited to see what God does through this and will be keeping you updated on stories of freedom and hope! 

A few shots from Thimi where I have been building relationships and getting information about ceramics in Nepal.