Gorkha Trek

We recently went on an outreach in the Gorkha district of Nepal. Ten hours on a bus and a two day trek brought us to our destination. We went to share the gospel and to encourage the local believers. God did so much on the trip, more than I know how to share now. But I would like to share  bit of some of what He was stirring in me through it all. 

We had the opportunity, as we were led by the Holy Spirit, to pray for many people along the way. Learning to still your heart and invite the Holy Spirit to lead you in every moment, and to carry God's heart for people, is so important! I think we are so often in such a hurry that miss the opportunities that God puts in front of us. But as we went, we tried to make it a point to stop for anyone that we  felt led to stop for and love on or serve in some way. We prayed for many people and saw God miraculously heal many of various injuries and sicknesses. There was one family along the way that God touched and they put their faith in Christ. We spent a lot of time with local believers encouraging, praying with, and teaching them. I also got to preach at their weekly meeting. It was powerful for me to see so many people, who live in the remote Himalayan  villages worshiping Jesus with such passion! The whole trek seemed to be full of unexpected opportunities to show love and share the heart of God, if we were willing to listen and obey.

One of my favorite of these stories is about a woman named Kamni. We were visiting another woman who is a widow when we were asked if some of us would go pray for this woman who was sick and living in a stable on the outskirts of the village a bit further up the mountain. She had been living in this stable, with a few buffalo, for six months after she got so sick she was unable to leave (she may have also been forced to stay because her sickness made her socially unacceptable to stay in the village). She had a couple masses in her stomach that made it too painful to eat more than a few bites of food per day, or to walk around without severe pain. She had to use a stick when she walked, and was only able to for a short time. She had also been completely deaf in one ear for three years. She was in a lot of pain! We had the privilege of washing her feet (it had been 6 months!) and praying for her. Not only did God heal her stomach and get rid of the masses, he opened her ear and she walked down the mountain with us and ate an entire plate of food for dinner! 

While we were praying for her, the Holy Spirit was showing me how much He loved this woman. I felt so honored to spend time with this woman that Jesus loves so much. Seeing Him display his power was wonderful, but feeling His immense love for this woman was life changing and will forever change the way I pray. I wish I could more adequately explain what it felt like to encounter Jesus in feeling His heart so intensely in that moment. But I pray that He would continue to show me His great love for us, and open my eyes to see people as He sees them and to love more like He does. And that is my prayer for you too!

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