We made it to Nepal!

If you are reading this, chances are you know Gwen and me, and know that we spent the better part of the last year buying and fixing up our house. It was a lot of fun (some of the time) and a whole lot of work (all of the time), but in the end I think that we built one of the coolest kitchens in town!

It was a bit frustrating to put all that work into a house that we weren't going to live in, but it was all part of our journey in getting to Nepal. But during this time in Colorado Springs over the last few years, we learned a lot about what home really is. Creating an atmosphere where people truly feel they belong, loved, safe, and welcome to be themselves is far more than a building. Home is about family and community. It is about purpose and meaning. It is spiritual more than it is physical. I don't just want to build a sweet house. I want to create home and invest in community. I want to be part of a family of people that believe in one another and call out the best in you. I have no desire for a self-sufficient life. I believe that God has created us for relationship, first of all with Him, and second with one another. For He "sets the lonely in families" and He is a "Father to the fatherless."

As Gwen and I venture into this next chapter, our desire is to carry an atmosphere of home as we spend time with the lonely and broken, and to invite them into a family. Whether we are hanging out with the kids in the children's home, spending time with the poor on the street, or anything else we might do, our prayer is that we would learn to love well, and carry the heart of the Father in all we do. We might be on the other side of the world, but it is still a joy to stay connected with you as we step into what we feel God is leading us to do here in Nepal. Please keep in touch and let us know what's going on with you!