"It's easier with gratefulness..."

Every Wednesday we gather as a family to pray for each other and for Nepal. During our last meeting, my awesome wife Gwen shared a picture that God was showing her. She saw all of us walking through deep snow. We were wearing snowshoes. She felt God saying that the snow shoes were like gratefulness. You can trudge through the snow without them, but it is a lot of work and not very enjoyable. But the snowshoes keep you on the surface and make it much easier to continue on in joy. 

This is a timely word of encouragement for us, and I believe that it is for you as well! In Nepal we are facing the aftermath of earthquakes and landslides, fuel shortages, strikes, and corruption. Many people who were affected by the earthquake fear freezing to death as winter is approaching. Relief efforts have been drastically hindered by the "unofficial trade embargo" imposed by India, making it near impossible to get supplies, let alone getting them to those who need them. The southern region of Nepal has been imposing a strike for the last 3+ months in protest of Nepal's new constitution, closing schools, businesses, and has turned violent on many occasions.

On November 14th alone there were earthquakes in Japan and Mexico, suicide bombings in Beirut, Baghdad and Lebanon, and another terrorist attack in Paris. Unfortunately, there in an abundance of chaos in the world right now. But even in the face of all of this, I believe that there is so much to be grateful for, and walking with gratefulness empowers us to not only stay on the surface of it all, but to remain focused on what truly matters and ultimately make a difference in the midst of it all. I believe that being grateful is like a key that opens the door to being a people that carry the the fullness of joy, hope, freedom, and peace of heaven. 

I believe that even in the face of all that is going on, God is still in control and He is calling us to walk with an attitude that befits His children. Instead of standing by arguing or getting overwhelmed by the weight of it all, let our lives be good news to those in need. Let Him empower us to love perfectly and hope incessantly. Let us begin to love or neighbor, those in need, and even our enemy with extravagance. Let God fill us with His unshakable hope and joy and  then carry that light to the darkness. This is the gospel. It's good news to the needy. 

Someone recently told me that "more is caught than taught." That statement has reverberated in my heart over the past few months. Let us truly carry something that is infectious. Let us be a people who carry substance not empty teaching or theology or arguments. Let the way we love define us more than anything. It's a hefty calling, but I think that a great place to start is with gratefulness. Take a moment and direct your heart towards all the things you are grateful for. Let God breathe life over your situation and give you His perspective.  It is much more fun walking on top of the snow, and the abundance of heaven is sufficient for anything you face today!

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